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Amnesia Jelly Autoflower Cannabis Seeds Limited Edition

About Amnesia Jelly Autoflower

Amnesia Jelly Autoflower is an ideal 80% sativa strain for those looking to increase creativity and productivity.

Zesty citrus profiles linger in the air and sit heavy on the tongue with this Haze-like combination of genetics. Faster flowering than a traditional Haze, this strain is much more manageable in the grow room. Amnesia Jelly Autoflower can be grown indoors or outdoors, and it is a good choice for new growers.

Growth pattern of Amnesia Jelly Autoflower
Amnesia Jelly Autoflower cannabis seeds are developed as part of the Breeding Grounds project in collaboration with Sensi Seeds. They’re the product of mixing Sensi Amnesia XXL Autoflower with our Mint Jelly Autoflower. The combination produces a sativa-dominant plant that expresses both sides of its lineage. The ruderalis influence keeps the plant compact, but the sativa side shows itself in the increased space between nodes. Minimal foliage makes trimming a piece of cake and reduces the need for defoliation.

Like our other autoflower strains, Amnesia Jelly Autoflower is feminized, leaving growers with a garden full of flower-producing plants. Sativa genetics extend the flowering time slightly, with peak ripeness typically 85 to 95 days after planting.

The chunky, dense, light green buds of Amnesia Jelly Autoflower form tight clusters at the tips of each branch. A heavy coating of terpene and cannabinoid-filled trichomes blanket the finished flowers. Because of the compact stature, plant training techniques like SCROG, SOG, Supercropping, and Lollipopping are unnecessary.

Effects, taste, and smell of Amnesia Jelly Autoflower
The effects from Amnesia Jelly Autoflower represent the finer aspects of sativa-dominant genetics. Immediately the effects are active within the body, starting at the tip of the head. A warm fuzziness tickles the brain, stimulating the cerebral and euphoric effects. This strain is reported to increase creativity and productivity for many people.

The dried and cured flowers of Amnesia Jelly Autoflower have an overpowering sweetness. Zesty citrus notes compliment the overall sweetness, giving this strain an aroma that classic Haze connoisseurs would instantly recognize. While growing, there is a faint odor of funky floral notes, which grows more potent in the final weeks of flowering.

The flavor profile of Amnesia Jelly Autoflower offers some specificity to the zesty citrus profile. The taste is similar to the terpene profile, but there is a distinguishable essence of freshly picked mandarins in the flavor profile. Adding to the sweetness while slightly reducing the bite from the citrus influence are a combination of tropical fruit flavor.

Did you know?

  • Easy to grow choice for beginners.
  • Amnesia Jelly is disease and mould resistant.
  • Low maintenance, requires little to no pruning.
  • Mint Jelly Auto x Sensi Amnesia XXL.
  • Sativa
  • Average flowering period.
  • Average height gain.
  • Large yield
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